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“Good morning. Clipped up and the magic is working. I had the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time thanks to the Alpha-Stim. I am so impressed already!”
- Michelle, Henderson, NV

Woke up feeling the stress today! Time to clip in! Alpha-Stim with my essential oils for the win! 
- Michele, 3rd grade teacher  

"Thank you for letting me borrow the Sensate when I was having my panic attack at the airport terminal. I was able to board the plane and the second flight went great because of the little machine! I'm getting one tomorrow!"
- Max, Las Vegas Reid Airport

"Working offshore presents its unique set of challenges, from the constant hum of machinery to the isolation of the open sea. Thankfully, I discovered Sensate, a revolutionary device that has become an essential part of my offshore routine. With its compact design and simple operation, Sensate offers me a sanctuary of calm amidst the chaos. It's a lifeline and the more often I use it, the better I feel.
- Henry, Las Vegas

The Bio Energy Disc Patch is a drug-free patch that was developed as a complementary therapeutic program that is accepted by Doctors and Practitioners as an aid to support how the body manages pain.

Did you know the body is electromagnetic field can interact with the body's own bioenergetic field?
The Bio Energy Disc patches uses a material that uses frequencies that integrate with the body's bio-frequency signals balancing cellular communication signals. The connection from the patch to the body's natural electromagnetic field allows for recalibrating meridian pathways for positive outcomes. 

This Energy Patch is considered one of the only “skin patch” therapy patches in the world that is hypoallergenic and waterproof. You can wear the patch when you bathe, shower, exercise, or swim with no worries that it will grow a bacterial scum like other skin patches.

We have noticed the Bio Energy patches work better on a well hydrated body. Less than 1% of users have reported itchiness from the adhesive, and we suggest moving the placement of the patch away from acupuncture meridians (unless your Practitioner advises otherwise) or to place the patch on a card that worn next to the body, or on the inside of under garments.

*These Bio Energy Patches have an adhesive that last up to 3 days of wearing while bathing and showering normally. If worn in swimming pools and hot tubs, the chlorinated water may weaken the adhesive.

Bio Energy Disc Patches

Heal Naturally

“I have a suffered back pain for a good 30 years from many decades of being a touring musician. I had recently threw my back out and was given one of these patches. I didn’t know what to expect but it absolutely was a miracle! It alleviated the pain and allowed me to go about my daily rehearsal and play a show that following weekend without hardly any pain in my back. I highly recommend these patches they are a miracle cure if you suffer from back pain be sure to order these immediately.
You won’t be disappointed” 
- Stacey David Blades
Crashing Wayward Lead Guitarist, Las Vegas, NV

Bio Energy Patches - Optima Wellness Center is an exclusive distributor. The are not an MLM like other patches you may be seeing or hearing about.  For the past 20 years these patches are utilized by nearly 1,500 health pros in the US, Europe, and Australia.
Each package is a one month supply.

Place the patch on the upper back left side.
Energy travels better through the left side of the body.

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drug-free. 30 day supply.waterproof.

BioEnergy Disc Patches

This patch is designed to address inflammation in the body that causes most pain syndromes. Provides essential bio-frequencies designed to stimulate nerves and block pain signals being sent by the injury site.

Application: Place directly on the area of pain and you can use up to 3 patches in the area. Use patch when experiencing pain associated with normal activity, leg cramps, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel, achy joints, or pain when walking and lack of energy.

Use in conjunction with: Bio Energy Patches that can be used to boost effectiveness and in conjunction with Pain & Inflammation Patches are: Healing XL, D-Tox, Nerve Stim, and Power Workout.

Pain & Inflammation

One month supply.

New and enhanced for Pain Relief from minor cuts and scrapes – 100% Natural. Colloidal silver is a traditional remedy that people have used for centuries to treat open cuts, bruises, rashes and scrapes. In most hospitals, silver is used in wound dressings and surgical bandaging to prevent infection and speed healing. Another mainstream use of silver is that manufacturers weave it into “no stink” workout apparel and athletic gear to keep microbes and their odors down to a minimum.

For topical use only. Colloidal Silver Gel (PM) can be used on cuts and scrapes, minor burns (including sunburn), acne, cold sores, rashes, athlete’s foot, insect bites, and other minor skin irritation. It’s a perfect solution for everyday anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and muscle tension relief.

Colloidal Silver Gel PM

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• Pain & Inflammation
• D-Tox 
• Allergies
• Female Hormone 
• Hashimoto
• Stop Craving
• Weight Loss Patch
• Migraine
• Adult Focus
• Stress and Anxiety
• Healing XL 

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